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Water purification units, Ion exchange units, Ion exchange resin, Demineralisation cartridges, Reverse osmosis systems

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Ion exchange units external regeneration

Type KR (recirculation systems)

Type SE (selective)

Ion exchange units

Type KR (recirculation systems)

Type SE (selective)

Type SE with recycling

Filter units

multi-layer filter FNS

High performance filter DF1

Demineralisation systems

 Demineralisation cartridges

Reverse osmosis units

Demineralisation plants

Ion exchange resin
Waste-water treatment
Synthetic material
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Decker systems realise in an economically and environmentally conscious way    

  1. Product-related water treatment concepts for your rinse water

Treatment processes

Examples of use

Circulation of rinsing water using ion exchange units from < 0.5 m3/h up to 10 m3/h ith external regeneration (KR30-KR250)
or automatic regeneration (KR1465-KR3072)


Rinsing water containing chromates and cyanides

Selective ion exchange units according to the state of art as security filter downstream to waste-water-treatment plants or multi-layer-filters with <0.5 m³/h up to 10 m³/h. Available with external regeneration (SE30-SE250) or automatic regeneration (SE1465 – SE3072)

Removal of heavy metals to a residual content of < 0.5 mg/l copper, nickel, tin, zinc, chrome.
Ground water remediation with chemical bounding of chromate and cyanide.
Selective removal of nickel in anodization units

Cleaning of process baths with selective ion exchange resins and automatic regeneration

Chrome and FE(III) from chromium-plating.
Precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium) from concentrated baths or rinses.

  1. Individual treatment concepts for your waste-water

Treatment processes

Examples of use

Neutralization and precipitation of heavy metal loaded waste water in batch treatment installations

electroplating industry, PCB-industry, electrical engineering industry, anodizing industry

Oxidation of cyanide waste-water
Reduction of chromate-containing waste-water

cyanide copper-/ gold-plating
electro-plating of plastics

Multi-layer-filter connected downstream to waste-water treatment plants

Restoration of old plants

  1. Demineralisation systems:
  1. Synthetic material construction bespoke for industry and private.
  2. Ion exchange resin (anion exchange resin, cation exchange resin, selective exchange resin (nitrate resin), mixed bed resin) and regeneration of ion exchange resins.

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