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Regeneration service for exhausted ion exchange cartridges, ion exchange resins and demineralisation cartidges


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Regeneration service for exhausted ion exchange resins

The ion exchange cartridges can be used for the recirculation of rinse water or for the selective removal of heavy metals, e.g. copper. For these purposes always at least two cartridges of one resin type are connected in series.
The loading is shown by colour indicators at the cartridges, respectively by observance of the effluent (e.g. control of conductance value).
After the loading the concerned cartridge is removed, the security cartridge(s) move up and a fresh cartridge is used.
The external regeneration of the loaded ion exchange cartridges takes place in a central installation for regeneration. So the causing company is neither obliged to treat the eluates nor to remove the sludge.

Schematische Darstellung der Serviceregeneration
Figure: How external regeneration for ion exchange resin works (german)

Regeneration as service for all common ion exchange resins

  • Cation exchange resin, anion exchange resins from circulation installations loaded with heavy metals, chromates, cyanides (e.g. LewatitŪ Monoplus S108, LewatitŪ Monoplus S100 H, LewatitŪ Monoplus S100 Na, LewatitŪ Monoplus SP112 H, LewatitŪ S100 G1, LewatitŪ CNP 80, LewatitŪ Monoplus M 500, LewatitŪ Monoplus MP 500, LewatitŪ Monoplus MP 64, LewatitŪ MP 62).
  • Selective exchange resins from end-cleaning-installations or ground water decontamination, loaded with heavy metals (Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr6+) (e.g. LewatitŪ SR 7, TP 207, TP 208)
  • Mixed-bed resins (e.g. IonacŪ NM 60) from demineralisation systems, also with heavy metals
  • Resins from electric discharge machining

The resins can be delivered in standard cartridges (30, 50, 100, 200 litres) or in transport bags.

Regeneration of demineralisation cartridges

Demineralisation cartridges are regenerated as it is usual in trade.

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We are registered in the "disposal-database" ("Verwerterdatenbank Bayern") Bavaria, which is supervised by the bavarian department of environmental protection.


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