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Ion exchange units as recirculation systems with external regeneration / box solution

Ionenaustauscheranlage Kreislaufführung als Box-Lösung

Figure: Decker ion exchange unit as box solution

  • Recirculation of all common electroplating rinse water

  • Flow rate up to 1,8 m³/h

  • Temperature range up to 70°C

  • Suitable for the installation into electroplating automats

  • Moveable pre-designed on a stainless steel frame

  • The unit is completely protected by aluminium-composite panels against pollution and damages

Ionenaustauscheranlage Box mit Anschluss
Figure: Ion exchange unit box with ports
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Aufsicht
Figure: Ion exchange unit box  high angle shot
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Außenansicht
Figure: Ion exchange unit box  external view
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Seitenansicht
Figure: Ion exchange unit box profile
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Innenansicht
Figure: Ion exchange unit box  inner view
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Innenleben
Figure: Ion exchange unit box  internal view
Ionenaustauscheranlage Box Innenleben
Figure: Ion exchange unit box  internal view



20 years of service with ion exchange units

Manually operated ion exchange unit with a capacity up to 10 m³/h

Manuelle Ionenaustauscheranlage für eine Leistung bis zu 10 kubikmeter pro Stunde
Abbildung: Manuelle Ionenaustauscheranlage

The unit consists of two ion exchange cartridges with a resin volume up to 500 litres. Sampling points after each cartridge allow for an analysis of the outgoing water. Loaded resins can be regenerated on-site, the suction of the required chemicals can be carried out from customary containers or storage tanks.

The unit can be operated as a selective ion exchange using the "Lead-Lag"
(I-II / II-I) method as well as a recirculation system.

Possible applications:

  • selective removing of heavy metals from rinsing water

  • Recirculation of rinsing water

  • Demineralisation of fresh water

  • Decontamination of ground water for removal of chromates and

Because of the simple manually operated construction the unit is practically maintenance-free.
The unit can be assembled quickly and without as there are no electrical devices necessary.

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