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High Performance Filter DF-1

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Decker High Performance Filter DF-1

The filter bag system DF-1 is applicable in a filter mesh range from 1-23 m.
Filter bags are available as single-layer or multi-layer filters.

  • wide range of applications

  • space-saving

  • easy to maintain and operate

  • no backwashing

Due to its material characteristics the high-performance filter is resistant to corrosion and a wide range of chemicals


Decker Hochleistungsfilter DF-1
Figure: Decker High Performance Filter DF-1


By means of a pump (max. 2.5 bar pressure) unfiltered water enters the housing (middle of the cover. The filtered water exits at the pipe on the side of the housing.
Inside the housing there is a support basket made of polypropylene. Before filtration a filter bag must be inserted into this basket.

Examples of use

Mostly Decker High Performance filter systems are used for clarifying and particle filtration of liquids, f. ex.

  • as downstream filter of waste-water treatment plants to remove incompletely sedimented metal-hydroxide flocs

  • for pre-filtration for water-purification of waste-water-treatment units (e.g. Decker ion
    exchange units)

  • for cleaning of galvanic baths

  • for subsequent cleaning of scissel-basins in the jewellery industry

Retention capacity

More than 2.8 m filter material are available in the filter bag for the retention of particles (for conventional filter bags only 0.41 m filter material, in conventional filter candles even only 0.06 m are used). From this result higher productivity and cost savings by economic filtration.

Decker Hochleistungsfilter DF-1 technische Zeichnung

Figure: Decker High Performance Filter DF-1 engeneering drawing

Technical Data

Material: PP
Dimensions: diameter: height:
Connections: inflow- and drain d25
Operating pressure: max. 2,5 bar
Basket PP
Filter bags: series 500,PP, 2.8 m


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