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Stationary ion exchange system KR 1465 – 3072 for water treatment

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Stationary ion exchange system KR 1465 – 3072

Download brochure ion exchange unit (pdf, 1546 kB)


Decker ion exchange recirculation units with automatic regeneration are applicable in surface technologies and electroplating industries.
The regeneration process is connected with the internal waste-water treatment.

Example of use: Recycling of nickel out of rinsing water and selective ion exchanges

Decker Ionenaustauscheranlage stationär

Figure: Decker ion exchange unit stationary

  • 2.5 – 10 m³/h recirculation water

  • semi- resp. fully automatic regeneration

  • Reduction of needed chemicals due to lift-bed method

  • Compact construction on a frame made of stainless-steel

  • Applicable up to 70°C

Decker Ionenaustauscheranlage stationär technische Zeichnung
Figure: Decker ion exchange unit engeneering drawing


The unit consists of a cartridge with strongly acid cation resin and a cartridge with weakly base anion resin. For special requirements to pure water quality, or if the rinsing water contains cyanides, another cartridge with strongly base anion resin can be added.
If the conductivity exceeds a certain value (e.g. > 30 µS/cm) an alarm will be released and the automatic regeneration will be started by manual activation.

Acid and sodium hydroxide can be pumped from original containers if no storage tank is available.
The single steps of regeneration and washing can easily be adjusted to the local conditions.

Technical data


Flow rate m³/h

Eluate in m³

Resin per cartridge

Consumption of chemicals


30 % HCl

30 % NaOH

width x depth x height in mm

KR 1465



90 Liter

18 Liter

13 Liter

2000 x 1100 x 2200

KR 1865



150 Liter

30 Liter

21 Liter

2400 x 1100 x 2200

KR 2469



250 Liter

48 Liter

34 Liter

2400 x 1100 x 2300

KR 3072



450 Liter

86 Liter

62 Liter

3200 x 1100 x 2300

Download brochure ion exchange unit (pdf, 1546 kB)



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