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Synthetic material

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Kunststoffbau bei Decker Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Synthetic material workshop and steel girder construction as a factory (according to WHG § 19, German law) for commercial and private customers in the region Nürnberg (Middle Franconia), Neumarkt and Regensburg (Upper Palatinate) and countrywide.

We produce according to your individual technical specifications round- and rectangle container which are functional, chamical- and wheather resistant (if requested with cover). Available are the following synthetic materials:

  • polypropylene (PP)

  • polyvinylchloride (PVC)

  • polyethylene (PE)

  • polyvinylidenflouride (PVDF)

We carry out pipe installations, pump installations, installation of measuring instruments, repairs, etc. in your factory.

  • repairs and welding of synthetic materials, PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, of each type on site

  • pipe mountings at existing systems

  • installation of pumps and measuring instruments

  • each kind of tub and basin

  • individual construction of small parts and individual parts made to measure (liquid-tight with drains valve)

Examples of use

  • Galvanic baths

  • Water tanks up to 10 m³

  • Drain trays

  • flush containers

  • Individual components for industrial prototypes

  • Laboratory desks / chemical resistant desks / depositing rack and chemical resistant
    platings on existing desks

  • functional medical waste containers (cannula-tight/injection needle tight) for medical practices and hospitals for waste transport, made to measure

  • chemical resistant waste containers for oily waste

    • Garages for repairing cars or bicycles

    • Producers of ball bearings

  • Durable liquid-tight, weather resistant, functional containers and boxes for interior and exterior use, accurately produced according to your individual wishes, for example for

    • hunters

    • anglers

    • market garden

    • fruit-growing

    • home use

  • Inlays for tanks (assembling of a synthetic tank in an existing leaking tank) f. ex. for

    • steel tanks

    • ponds

  • Individual tanks up to 10 m³ (if required with piping) f. ex. for

    • breweries

    • production of mineral water

    • collection of rain water

    • filtration tanks / private pools


Kunststoffbau Anlagen
Figure: Synthetic material units

Kunststoffbau Becken
Figure: Synthetic material basins

Kunststoffbau Behälter

Figure: Synthetic material tanks

Figure: Synthetic material / steel filter press

Kunststoffbau Gefäße

Figure: Synthetic material basins

Kunststoffbau Großbehälter

Figure: Synthetic material large tanks

Kunststoffbau Verrohrung

Figure: Synthetic material tubing



Produktionshalle bei Decker mit Decker Anlagen
: Decker industrial hall with Decker synthetic material production




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