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Waste-water treatment plants


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Waste-water treatment

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Ion exchange units external regeneration

Ion exchange units stationary

Batch-treatment installations for detoxification and neutralization of waste water of the metal-processing industry.


Regenerationshalle bei Decker Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Figure: Regeneration hall for ion exchange resins

Reduction of chromate-containing waste-water, oxidation of cyanidic waste-water

For us the planning of waste-water treatment plants begins at the point of origin. Only if the rinse technique is optimized (with at least 3 rinsing stages) and the potential for the recycling of recyclable waste and rinsing water is fully exploited, the planning of the waste-water processing installation will start.

Figure: Control box of a Decker ion exchange unit

Batch-treatment installations are the best choice for a secure treatment, even with alternating waste water.

The treatment is automated with a SPS.


See also our products.



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