Ion exchanger regeneration

Maintenance and service of ion exchanger system, waste water system

Production of demineralized water:
Demineralization cartridge, demineralization system
Ion exchanger system and reverse osmosis system

Authorizations & training
WHG (Water Resources Act), chemicals and AwSV (Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water)

Environment and conservation

Maintenance and service

Laboratory and testing


Regeneration of ion exchanger system and ion exchanger: COMPLETE WATER MANAGEMENT

From the tap to the production of demineralized water,
to the last step of the
waste water treatment, ion exchanger system, industrial reverse osmosis system
Regeneration of selective exchangers and external ion exchangers

Ion exchanger system, demineralization system, VE-system,demineralization cartridge, VE-cartridge, industrial reverse osmosis system, electrodeionization for ultrapure water production, chemical physical waste water system, selective exchanger system, ion exchanger and ion exchanger regeneration, i.e. the external regeneration of ion exchanger resin (such as mixed bed resin regeneration and / or ion exchanger cartridge regeneration, also from ultrapure water production)


Decker Verfahrenstechnik Environmental Protection

Our mission is
the long-term preservation
of resources

Our mission is the long-term preservation of resources. At Decker Verfahrenstechnik, we think sustainably. By separating material flows at our customers, e.g. via an ion exchanger system for the external regeneration of ion exchangers (cartridges), we are able to generate a new value chain. This begins with the use of the resource by our customers and ends with it again. The resource losses arising despite innovative technologies such as Industrial reverse osmosis system with EDI and polisherion exchangers (e.g. from Lanxess Lewatit or Purolite), are consolidated by us via an ion exchanger system in the cycle or in an industrial chemical-physical wastewater system via a selective exchanger system and reunited in a synergetic process as part of the ion exchanger regeneration service to the original resource, which is then available to the customer again. Thanks to our own PV system, we are able to make the process largely energy-neutral. Through the totality of our technologies, we guarantee the preservation of resources for the development of future generations.


Decker Verfahrenstechnik Founder

Environmental company
for water treatment
since 1987

The company’s history goes back to the foundation of the “Eisengießerei Nürnberg-Mögeldorf Gebrüder Decker” in 1891, which developed into Gebrüder Decker KG.

In 1987, Gebrüder DECKER Verfahrenstechnik GmbH was entered in the Nuremberg commercial register as an independent company in the field of technical environmental protection. In 2014, the company was renamed Decker Verfahrenstechnik GmbH.

Founder of Decker Verfahrenstechnik

Reinhard Naujoks
and Erwin Fischer
now and
in 1987

Reinhard and Erwin Decker Verfahrenstechnik